I have been using the activators for about 6 months now.  The first thing I experienced after using the adrenals activator (ADR) was lots of energy!  I had plenty of energy to do the things I wanted every day, and barely had any of the winter blahs.  I even have reduced my coffee intake by about half- that’s a pretty big deal for a coffee lover!  Thanks!

Jackie, Oregon 2019

Once a month I clean a house in our neighborhood.  After 5 hours of cleaning I am usually have pain in my lower back.  The next day we start our house checks and usually going in and out of the golf cart that many times (we check a lot of houses) bothers my lower back but NOT THIS TIME!  I am taking CNT, CNSN and OST Activators.  I am praying as I finish taking the Activators I will be symptom free.

Susan, Arizona - 2019

I have been in pain since high school from football games. I am now in my 70’s.  I could not lift my arms above my shoulders.  I did not sleep through the night because of the pain.  Being on the Activators, CNT, CNSN, OST and the SRF, Joint, Bone, and Nerve System has helped me lift my arms, lift heavy objects, sleep through the night, pain free.  Thanks for getting my life back.

Lanny, 2019

I had Shingles starting in September of 2018 and stopped my Lyrica in end of December first of January 2019.  In February or just before I was having nervous system flashbacks several times a day where the pain would come on me then go away.  About mid-February I found out about ACTIVATORS and since I knew about stem cells I felt this would help my shingles flashbacks.  Within two weeks of using the CNSN (nerves) I was symptom-free and after finishing the bottle I thought “I don’t have to take anymore” so I stopped.  Wrong move.  I found out that you need at least two or three bottles to make sure your nervous system is stable and symptom free THEN you can stop the CNSN (nerves) Activator.  I thank the people who told me about the Activators and I learned a very valuable lesson. 

Nadyne, Washington 2019

I had to have surgery on my lower back in 2014 because of a car accident in 1969.  I have had pain and could not walk very far since that time (2014) without help such as a shopping cart to lean on.  In 2019 I found out about the stem cell ACTIVATORS and tried them for my shingles and they worked and then took the CNT (connective tissue) and CNSN (nerves) hoping it would help my low back.  Nerves take a really long time to heal.  I think what happened was when I had the surgery a nerve was either nicked or severed (probably nicked) and that was why I was in a lot of pain whenever I moved.  It took about six – seven months (til December 2019) of using the CNSN (yes, I figured out I needed for my shingles as well as my lower back) and the CNT.  The pain is gone and I am doing really well. 


Am back on the OST, CNT and CNSN as well as the SRF products – Joint, Bone and Nervous System due to tripping and caught myself incident.  Will let you know how that is going.  It is a good thing that these products are available because I would be in a world of hurt and on pain meds if it wasn’t for the products that help my body heal itself.  These products don’t heal – they just make it so that your body heals itself.  Just like good nutrition helps your body heal.  Eat good and your body gets the nutrients it needs to survive – eat bad and your body doesn’t get the nutrients it needs to feel healthy.

Nadyne, Washington 2019

A testimonial for the Activators and the SRF.  I can’t thank you enough for the Activators and SRF as I am sleeping so much better, not hurting as much  and I am dreaming again.  I am not as jumpy as I was and I can think about judgmental remarks without wanting to cry.

 PS: She was on different ones but I think it was the ADR (adrenal activator) that helps her the most for the above symptoms.

Kathy, Oregon 2019 - 2020

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