Accelerate the Natural Repair Process of Your Body.


Speeds Recovery from Injury and Surgery

Minimizes Scar Formation

Enhances Cardiovascular Performance

Increases Energy Endurance and Resilience

Modulates an Overactive Immune Response

Enhances Metabolism and Detoxification

Aids in Weight Management and Fat Metabolism







Nervous System

Connective Tissue





Immune System

Weight Management







Brain Function and Mental State

Healthy Neurological Function

Endocrine Hormone Balance

Digestion and Absorption

Immune Defense System

Healthy Oxygen Supply to Organs

Sharp Concentration and Memory

Organ Function

Health of the Skeletal System

Vascular System

Recovery of Overexerted


It has been long known that no matter the original cause, lifestyle excesses, environmental toxicity, disease,etc, all body tissue breakdowns first begin at a cellular level. The ability to control the cellular regeneration within damaged tissues is increasingly becoming an important focus for many researchers worldwide.Medix4Life scientists pioneered the field over 30 years ago, publishing the first article in 1976.

Our scientists have established that, in response to cellular damage, certain Regulatory Proteins are secreted by the cells of various body tissues, to activate the Adult Stem Cells, the body’s natural healing resources. However, it is a very slow process, even under the best of circumstances. If the cellular trauma is severe enough, this very mechanism of cell regeneration gets so weakened that it doesn’t work fast enough or work at all in a worst case scenario.

As a result of over 30 years of research, Medix4Life scientists have created Regulatory Protein-based Nanoparticles for use as active ingredients in all of our products specifically formulated for Health Practitioners! These unique Nanoparticles help to re-establish and enhance communication signals between individual cells. They activate the Adult Stem Cell conversion process that naturally facilitates tissue repair and restoration of normal cellular function within targeted organs.

Since regular exercise and proper nutrition are the key factors in restoring and maintaining health, Medix4Life products work best when integrated into a complete wellness program. Medix4Life products will enhance any treatment program for better and faster results.

**These statements specifically have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not design to diagnose, prevent, mitigate or cure any disease. As with all conditions and concerning medications, consult your family physician regarding treatment of any specific medical condition, disease, or illness.