Activators are

NOT Stem Cells. 

Activators are extracted from plants.

Learn How You Can Accelerate the Natural Repair Process of Your Body.

Plant Derived

Gluten Free

Vegan Ingredients

No  Allergic Effects


Activate Your OWN Adult Stem Cells

These are NOT Stem Cells

“There is nothing in this product that is not already in your body.”

It took scientist over 30 years to find out how the cell repairing mechanism works in the body. They identified the peptides that activates your own stem cells to repair and replace your damaged cells or non-working cells in your body.

Each gland or organ in your body has adult stem cells. Your stem cells just sit in your body doing nothing until you are injured and then they go into action replacing damaged or non-working cells. Additionally, as we get older our body repair mechanism slows down and we need a boost to get it functioning again. The ACTIVATORS tell your stem cells that these cells are not working properly saying basically “Stem Cells – I need your help”.

The ACTIVATOR is activating the stem cells in a specific gland or organ to repair or replace that cell. i.e. It makes heart cells, pancreas cells, muscle or bone cells, and so on. There are different ACTIVATORS – one for each organ or gland in the body.

The company that found the key to the peptide code was ProtoMedix, Inc.

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